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Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Mon Mar 5 09:12:51 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

I forgot to mention, that I answered in the ez Components list ...  
Here's my reply:


Hi folks,

Am 26.02.2007 um 17:28 schrieb Thomas Koch:

> Typo3 started it's PHP5 porting project[1] in august. I'm just  
> reading about
> some of their concept and already asked in their list, if they've  
> had a look
> on eZ Components.
> I think it would also be very interesting for ezc to have a look on  
> what's
> moving over there at typo3, to grab some ideas:
> * PHP implementation of Jackrabbit[2], i.g. JSR-170[3][4]
> * Role Based Permission Framework
> * Party Information Framework (Persons, Organizations ...)
> It's amazing to think what could be achieved if ezc and typo3 would  
> share
> ideas and concepts...

Yes it is. I already talked with Markus Nix about it at the php  
conference in
Frankfurt last year. My suggestion was that we make use of the fact  
that we're
open source projects: Why not share the work and ideas?

But before we get euphoric about it ... I think that we still have to  
keep the
culture of our projects in mind. As I said in the presentation at  
T3CON06, we
have to make sure that it still feels (and smells) like TYPO3 and we  
must conserve
the soul of it. You could therefore argue that it doesn't matter  
what's under the
hood, the user experience is what counts. But the developers who are  
going to
work every day with our systems are a very important factor -  
especially in the
TYPO3 community which today counts 41354 registered developers.

Therefore the user experience is not restricted to the web interface  
but is
influenced by the coding style as well. And I don't know if we'd  
manage finding
a consesus in that regard (it's already difficult keeping your own  
on track).

So in the end, I think we have a high potential to share code on a  
basis (because both of our systems are component based). It wouldn't  
make any
sense if we programmed a new Mail component if we can easily  
integrate yours.
We develop the phpCR components in a way that it will be possible  
using them
indepently from TYPO3 and of course they will be open to the rest of the
PHP community.

I think we'll naturally see what combinations make sense. For us it's  
a bit
too early to think about common components yet as we're still working  
on the
fundamental identity of our (TYPO3-) 5.0 version. Let's see how far  
we got
when we reached our first milestone - and maybe you already have a  
ezPublish out till then ...


Am 26.02.2007 um 15:40 schrieb Thomas Koch:

> Hi,
> Thomas Koch from Essen, Germany. I've just found your Typo3-5.0.  
> project.
> I'm working on a PHP5 rewrite of eGroupWare[1] on top of the eZ
> Components[2]. I'd like to ask you, if you've already investigated eZ
> Components. They also work on a rewrite of their PHP4 eZ Publish  
> CMS and do
> have mainly the same general goals as you have.[3] (UnitTest, Clean  
> API,
> Documentation...)
> Every big PHP4 project has to work on migrating to PHP5 and object
> orientation right now. It would be fantastic, if it wouldn't be  
> necessary
> to invent the wheel again for every project.
> I'm continuing now my investigation on Typo3-5.0 to see, what I can  
> learn
> and reuse from you. I'd be happy, if you'd help me on the trip, ask me
> about eZ Components and maybe let me write a wiki page about  
> differences
> and similarities between typo3-5 and ezc.
> Cheers,
> Thomas Koch
> [1] http://www.egroupware.org
> [2] http://ez.no/ezcomponents
> [3] ezc guidelines: http://svn.ez.no/svn/ezcomponents/docs/guidelines/
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