[TYPO3-50-general] I can't see AJAX anywhere?

Elmar Hinz elmar07 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 25 11:11:48 CEST 2007

dan frost wrote:

> If this hasn't yet been decided, I would urge for prototype. We have
> found deploying it and developing with it much, much easier and cleaner.
> dan
> Thomas Peterson wrote:
>> Hi
>> will you do it with an lib like(xajax)?
>> Or plans you an own Pakage?
>> thomas

Hi Dan,

you compare apples and pears. Techniques and application areas are completly

Xajax: A ajax library with a PHP API. The application logic is on the

Prototype: A powerfull javascript library with an accessory ajax pump. The
application logic is on the client side.

Calling prototype an ajax library is IMHO a widespread but wrong use of a
buzzword. It's like calling a car a kitchen, because it has a can opener
build in. The use of javascript libraries alone, results in pages, that are
not fully accessible. Clientside logic simply breaks if javascript is not

Accessibility is required by laws, especially for governments. Professional
pages need serverside logic, because serverside logic doesn't depend on
javascript. This is only garanteed by serverside ajax libraries like
xajax -- or by doubling the programming costs, once for the server, once
for the client.

Surely serverside libraries require some knowlege to do a clean
implementation. But good quality should be a question of requirements, not
of the laziness of the average developer.



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