[TYPO3-50-general] JavaBridge, SVN checkout.. whatelse?

Andreas Förthner Andreas.Foerthner at netlogix.de
Mon Feb 19 14:27:50 CET 2007

Peter Niederlag schrieb:
> Hello Andreas,
> Andreas Förthner schrieb:
> [...]
>> I compiled it myself. Perhaps it's the easiest to show you the php-info
>> part. The java is included via the java.so extension in php.ini.
> [...]
>> An additional info is, that we run php5 as fast-cgi, an a zend platform
>> is installed, are there any problems known with it?
>> Hope that helps...
> Have a look at the tests.php5/ and examples/ directories from the source
> of the php-bridge and try to get them up and running first.
> Use these settings i the appropriate php.ini (or conf.d) to get/adjust
> info from the bridge:
> java.log_level  = 4
> java.log_file=/tmp/php-java-bridge.log
> hth,
> Peter
Hi Peter,

they all seem to work, at least they state "test okay". And the example 
index.php gives me some output, no segfault... But I still have 
segfaults in my apache error log. Which script do I have to call to see 
something from the 5.0 code? Perhaps then I can backtrace the error...

Thanks a lot!

Greets Andreas

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