[TYPO3-50-general] 5.0 meeting at 17./18.02. - Agenda

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Tue Feb 13 14:04:38 CET 2007

Hi folks,

the current 5.0 development team will meet next weekend in Berlin to  
discuss the development which has been done so far and plan the next  
steps for this year. Although this is, for practical reasons,  
supposed to be a private meeting, we would like to discuss the agenda  
publicly so others might suggest additional topics which you would  
like us to discuss about. So, feel free to propose questions you'd  
like to get answered.

Here is my initial version of the agenda (Karsten, Julle, Sebastian  
and Ronny: please comment and add missing topics directly):

  - Overview: what has happened so far?

  - Core Package
    - Robert reports about research, what features have been  
implemented and what is planned
    - Demonstration / introduction: Component Manager and AOP Framework
    - Resource Manager: Brainstorming

  - Surprise Package
    - Sebastian and Robert report about ... you'll see

  - Configuration Manager
    - Brainstorming
    - TypoScript Package?

  - Content Repository
    - Ronny and Karsten report about the current state, what works  
and what doesn't
    - Memory / performance issues with the Java Bridge
    - Reality / feasibility check
    - Reorganisation of unit tests as prepartion for generic phpCR  

  - Layer Architecture
    - Robert reports
    - Brainstorming

  - T3DD07
    - Topics and preparation - who does what?

  - Infrastructure
    - Bug tracker, ToDo list, wiki
    - Public and internal communication

  - Podcasts
    - Topics for upcoming podcasts and who'll produce them when
    - T3CON07 pdocasts

  - Milestone and schedule
    - refine milestone as goal for T3CON07
    - create global ToDo with priorities


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