[TYPO3-50-general] TYPO3 5.0 license

Elmar Hinz elmar.DOT.hinz at team.MINUS.red.DOT.net
Mon Feb 12 23:17:39 CET 2007

Am Mon, 12 Feb 2007 21:04:00 +0100 schrieb Michael Scharkow:

> terms incorporate TYPO3 code in their distributed software). GPL does 
> not prohibit adding proprietary code to be created and used privately 
> (=for a customer), so I can hardly think of a situation that would make 
> dual-licensing necessary and not end up in free-riding.

If you bundle TYPO3 with your product and sell it "privatly" to a customer
as a whole, you still risk to sell a GPL product. So you better sell
him GPL Software and private software separted, maybe bundled on a CD. As
a second service you assist him to setup his private software.

Maybe it is good to fix the separate delivery on the papers. Else it may
happen that the customer claims, that you have delivered him one big piece
of GPL and sells your non GPL software to others as GPL in this



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