[TYPO3-50-general] Willing to help the 5.0 team #3 Implement Single Signon for Trac

Pim Snel pim at lingewoud.nl
Thu Dec 6 16:08:21 CET 2007

Hello 5.0 Developers,

Me and my company Lingewoud would like to help you with the 
implementation of Single Signon for Trac as described at the 5.0 jobs 
page on typo3.org.

I'm founder of Lingewoud which has 5 full time technical employees. 
Lingewoud is specialized in Open Source development and we are very 
active in the eGroupWare.org project. In July of this year we started 
using Typo3 for our CMS/Website projects.

For all our development projects we use Trac intensively and we were 
allready planning to setup SSO with Trac integration for our own 
organization. We use PHP and Python on a regular basis and we are 
familiar with the internals of both Typo3 and Trac. The only thing we 
really have to learn is SSO itself, but that will not be a problem. It 
seems to be very well documented.

If the jobs will be assigned to us, two of our engineers will work on 
this job including myself. If possible we would like to start working on 
it asap, because we have a very tight planning.

Kind regards,
Pim Snel

Lingewoud BV

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