[TYPO3-50-general] server vs web root / temp vs cache

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Thu Oct 12 16:02:31 CEST 2006

Hi Martin,

Martin Kutschker write:

> I'd like to see a changed directory layout that distincts between server 
> side application code (PHP) and data on the one hand and clients side 
> code (JS) and web resources (eg images) on the other hand.
> Further I want to see this distinction in temp./cache directories. A 
> true temp. directory must no be exposed to the world OTOH many things 
> that are in typo3temp are really cache data. Some of this cached data 
> are again for internal purposes and others are for the web.

I agree. On Monday I have started to do a little brainstorming for a 
future directory structure. As I imagine that *all* content is stored in 
the content repository, we obviously need a kind of cache for the 
frontend which holds all the files - be it assets for an HTML template, 
JavaScripts or downloads.

Currently, I think about a directory called "filecache/" in the root 
webspace dir. Something like this:

  + filecache/
     + public/
       + static/
         + template-assets/
           + images/
           + css/
           + js/
         + downloads/
           + teams/
             + core/
             + 5.0-dev/
       + components/
         + t3c_gifbuilder/
         + t3c_terfe/
         + t3c_ttnews/
           + resources/
     + intranet/
     + vip-clients-extranet/

Only the "public" directory would be accessible by default, all other 
directories would be protected by some mechanism and can contain files 
which are accesible to certain user groups. Components (aka extensions) 
will have to upload their files into the CR before they are available in 
the filecache.

Therefore the filecache is a true cache: You can always rebuild the 
whole directory structure and its contents from the content repository. 
That will also simplify replication on multi-server setups - you "only" 
need to make sure that the CR is scalable.

As for the temporary files: We'll have to see, what temporary files we 
need at all - I guess that most of them can be put into the CR, too.

And finally - because there was some confusion about it: Putting content 
(and therefore even files) into the content repository does not imply 
automatically that they are stored in a database. The CR implementation 
will decide where to store it most effectively.

What do you think?


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