[TYPO3-50-general] What abut Typo's FrontEnd [content editing]?

Cyprian Kowalczyk cyprian at pi2.pl
Sat Nov 25 13:41:49 CET 2006


I would like to ask about FrontEnd functionalities of Typo3 5.0 in terms  
of [front-]end-user point of view.
I mean, are there any plans so far about making a frontend content editing  
As a consultant and developer I would like to see more enhancements in  
this area, in making Typo3 easier to use by average person [even not  
highly computer literate].
I believe this is a key feature of attracting users to Typo3 and by  
attracting users you actually attract more interest to the whole solution.

Currently I'm in Australia, where Typo3 is used as a framework for running  
community websites with hundreds of FE users and the key for the success  
is easy _frontend_ content editing [imagine an old lady who has never used  
a computer before and she's supposed to use Typo's BE... well, we don't  
want to cause a heart attack ;) ].

I hope those things are really consider when designing core architecture  
and functionalities.


regards, Cyprian
http://pi2.pl d.esign project

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