[TYPO3-50-general] PHP Data Objects (PDO)

Thomas Murphy murphy at spreekonzept.de
Fri Nov 24 19:35:58 CET 2006


Martin Kutschker wrote:
> Does the CR have a way to get list-oriented data like with SQL? I don't 
> see me fiddling with a CR-API if (who know SQL) am perfectly happy with 
> SQL for storing data. Especially if I'm trying to have some control of 
> the thing to have influnce on the performance.

With all that abstraction layers around here I'm already wondering if 
performance might be a thing of the past.
I was always a fan of those abstraction ideas like ORM or JSR-170, but 
I've never seen anyone commenting on how it compares to the classic 
SQL-driven DB-access.

>  > If I remember correctly, we don't have made a decision, what database
>  > abstraction layer the CR will use. We are still disussing about some
>  > alternatives.
> What are these besides PEAR:DB and a self written one.

I once looked at PEAR:MDB2 which has some nice ideas, but AFAIK it's not 
that stable yet.
Another basis for the PHPCR could also be this Propel/Creole stuff, but 
I never used that and I really doubt it could compete in performance 
with any of the above.


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