[TYPO3-50-general] Lighttpd as "standard"

Johannes Reichardt typo3 at gramba.de
Thu Nov 23 22:47:31 CET 2006

Hi Andreas,
> I started digging into the LightTPD configuration. At my current knowledge
> level of LightTPD I can only confirm the results from the article [1]
> Michael Scharkow wrote for the T3N magazine regarding the performance of
> TYPO3. While LightTPD seems to be very fast delivering static pages and
> simple PHP based pages it is slower than Apache 2 with mod_php delivering
> TYPO3 pages.
> Can you confirm this?
I guess Michael is right. I have a (after days of figuring ;) a nice 
setup with apache2.2 and mpm-worker module which is even faster now,
also i have my "apache style" .htaccess back ;)

To my current knowledge Apache 2.2 with mpm-worker and fcgid and xcache 
is the most performant solution right now. My ab requests per second raised
from ~5 (untuned) to about 24 (with lighttpd) and are now around 30 - 
all with uncached pages containing user_int stuff.

I will write a howto on that setup soon, quite easy with debian sid.

Conclusion: Lighttpd or apache is a matter of taste, but mpm-worker and 
fcgid is a high performant must for apache.

- Johannes

> If not, it must have to do with the configuration I am using at the moment.
> Can you provide a sample configuration which proofs that LightTPD is also
> delivering TYPO3 pages faster than e. g Apache 2?
> Maybe you can put your sample configuration on the wiki [2].
> [1]<http://www.t3n.de/>
> [2]<http://wiki.typo3.org/>
> Cheers,
> Andreas

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