[TYPO3-50-general] File name conventions for classes and interfaces

Joerg Schoppet joerg at schoppet.de
Wed Dec 6 08:23:50 CET 2006

Robert Lemke wrote:
> Robert Lemke wrote:
>> One solution could be calling just "source", "sourcecode" or "code" [2].
>> Another variant would be creating two directories, "classes" and 
>> "interfaces".
>> My favourite currently is "source". What's your's?
> Addendum: If we rename the directory, we'll also have to find a new 
> prefix for the classes / interfaces and their files. Currently it's 
> "T3C_" as in "TYPO3 Component".
> What about "T3_", "TYPO3_"? More ideas?
> robert
What you also have to think about is the decision to require PHP6 for 
TYPO3 5.
The last statement from the php.internals list was, that they WILL 
implement namespaces in PHP6, so perhaps some of your thought may become 
obsolete in the future ?!?


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