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Dr.Gene wenzer fort_wilcox2 at indiatimes.com
Fri Sep 12 20:01:26 CEST 2003

Dear Sir/madame,

I’m Dr .Gene wenzer of the Accounts Department of Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) an institution established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to manage the proceeds from the sale of Petroleum products as well as the application of the funds 
contract execution. My colleagues and I are inclined to contact you in view of a high-level business (deal) that we want to strike with you.

It is quite natural to be surprised when somebody you do not know before contacts you, especially when it comes to a business of this type. The choice of picking you for
the deal is based on satisfactory enquiries and reports that we gathered about your person. The source of our information shall be disclosed to you in the course of this

The deal stems from an over-valued invoice of a contract executed in our institution,
PTF for the upgrading of facilities at the Kaduna refineries. The actual contract value was USD$40.5 Million but at the point of approval, it was deliberately inflated to
USD$70.8 Million, which was approved as such. The contract has since been executedand the original German contractor, Dresser Gmbh has been paid the actual contract value of USD$40.5 Million which is the only money due to him, leaving the over-valued sumof USD$30.3 Million still hanging in our system unclaimed. This is the deal and thisis where we want you to come in.

As employees within the system, we have since perfected arrangement through which the
fund (USD$30.3 Million) can be transferred out. However, the only way this can be don
e successfully is with the collaboration of an oversea partner. It has to be so becau
se since it is a foreign denominated contract the destination of the fund must be an
oversea account, to avoid any suspicion of any sort. Also we have perfected arrangeme
nts such that the routing of the transfer will be erased from the systems so that the
re would be no trace of the fund to you or to any of the parties involved, as soon as
you confirm the money in your account.

However, it is also very important to say that as somebody from a Royal family with integrity and reputation, secrecy and absolute confidentiality is uttermost to me, as
I will not want to do anything that would tarnish the name of my family. Thus, the on
ly condition under which the deal will be prosecuted is for it to be kept in absolute
secrecy and confidentiality. I just hope that you will give me this all-important guarantee; otherwise there will be no need to start in the first place. If this secrecy
can be kept by you, I require you to provide us with the following information to enable us obtain necessary approvals and authorizations for the transfer of the fund.

1.  Bank Co-ordinates, including the name of the bank, address, account number etc.
2.  Name of the company that will serve as beneficiary of the fund.
3. Your private telephone and fax numbers that will be used to facilitate the transac

On my part, I can be reached on the above stated telephone and fax numbers. Since it
is a deal, we intend all the parties involved to have commensurate share of the fund
when it gets to your account. While the sharing pattern cannot be reached now, it is
our hope that it is something that would be finally agreed upon as we get started. For now we propose as follows:

1.   The Nigerian group  60%
2.   Account owner (Yourself) 30%
3.   Contingencies  10%

Contingencies in this context are defined as any cost that any of the parties may incur in the course of the transaction; viz: Air tickets, accommodation, bills etc.

In conclusion, as we go on in the transaction, you will also have to advise us on the
type of investment in your country that we could put our own share into, as we do not
intend to bring back our entire share to our country.

Your early response will be highly appreciated.

 DR.Gene wenzer

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