[TYPO3-seminars] fill up empty slots after selfmade-unregistration-script

Sebastian Betzinger s.betzinger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 15:40:04 CEST 2013


i realized a seminars setup with onetimeaccount for registration of
I wrote a little unsubscribe script which works perfect. Just one thing to

Is it possible to fill up "empty" slots after a removal of an attandee  to
get the first person on the waitling list in the actual event and inform
them and the others one slot up in the waitinglist?

I found "function fillVacancies(tslib_pibase $plugin) {..." but i couldn't
get any information how to call that function from an external script or
modifying it to get it working without seminars. Especially the $plugin
object drives me crazy.

Has anyone ever realized an unregistration combined with
onetimeaccount-created useraccounts?

Thanks for your help.


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