[TYPO3-seminars] csv-file empty

ACM.Tersteeg at mindef.nl ACM.Tersteeg at mindef.nl
Mon Nov 26 11:14:35 CET 2012

Hoi Oliver

I'm willing to help as volunteer as much as possible.
I do this because the site I maintain is for a nonprofit organization for traditional folkmusic.
So saying this the time A can spent is based on time is left on a day.
For my day job I have experience with C, C++, and C# And my thinking about code is from before the "object-base style"

I'm willing to make a "patch" but it would be my first, so any guide is welkom.
Furthermore I'm not yet sure if the change I made is the real the solution.(it is more a workaround to avoid the "if" around line 177).
I will investigate the real "why" the conversion in charset result in a empty string.
As soon as I find out why, I will post the solution and place the bug in the buglist.

I know from historical reason that in our database not all the data is utf8 so I'm caution to update the typo3 core.
I have still to make a conversion if I update the typo3 core to a higher version on some moment.

I like to mention that we are glad that there is a seminar plug in, thanks for that.

In the meantime: 
Can you give me any hint how I can set in the FE registration process the field Account_number mandatory ?

Thank for any help

A.C.M. (Ton) Tersteeg 

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Am 14.11.2012 15:05, schrieb ACM.Tersteeg at mindef.nl:
> Afther some debugging around I find out that the problem is in the charsets
> The $result is empty after the on line 178 of class.seminars.pi2.php
> So it go's wrong on line 177  with the function getCharsetConversion()->conv...
> In the template I have change the default iso-8859-15 to iso-8859-1 
> And change in line 171 ISO-8859-1 to iso-8859-1
> In fact I skip the conversion in the "if" 
> The there is output.
> I think this is not a solution.
> I'm uncomfortable with the charsset things and know that I have some conversion to make for utf8 but
> I don't know yet how and where to start without any risk to run into layout problems.
> Please advice what to do.
> Or is it a mistype of the "ISO" instead of "iso" 

This might be a bug. Could you please report it in the bug tracker
<https://bugs.oliverklee.com/> (and, even better, provide a patch)?

Some background information: Generally, all data should be UTF-8. The
output of the CSV export can be configured to use a different encoding.
In this case, the default is ISO8859-15 because AFAIK Microsoft Excel
has trouble opening UTF-8 CSV files.


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