[TYPO3-seminars] Using modifyListItem hook: getLinkToUnregistrationPage() doesn't work

Michael Spindler michael at spindler-digital.de
Wed Nov 17 09:43:50 CET 2010

Hello list,

at first I have to thank the seminar manager programming team for the 
excellent and well structured extension!

For customizing purposes I have to create a "compact" 
seminar-plus-registration list (maybe this also could be a new 
"what_to_display" case). So I use a list of type "My VIP events" in the 
frontend. All attendants are VIPs and may see other registrations for a 

By using the modifyListItem hook I replace the list_registrations marker 
(that's the link to the list of registered attendants) by the attendants 
list directly (for getting the list without a second click). That works 

Also registering for a seminar is possible by using the 
getRegistrationLink() method. Therefore I set the second parameter to 

Now the problem is the unregistration link: I tried using 
getLinkToUnregistrationPage() but the second parameter, 
tx_seminars_registration $registration which I set by calling 
$parent->getRegistration() always returns NULL. How can I get a 
registration to a seminar to create the link?

This is the code I use in my own extension:

class tx_msseminarsxtender_modlistitem {

     function modifyListItem(tx_seminars_pi1 $parent) {

	// create the list of attendants
	$registrationsList = tx_oelib_ObjectFactory::make(

	$result = $registrationsList->render();

	// Link for unregistering for a seminar
	$unregistrationLink = '';
	if ($parent->getRegistration()) { // <-- always returns NULL!
		$unregistrationLink =
		(($parent->getSeminar()->isUnregistrationPossible()) ?
$parent->getRegistration()) : '');

	// Link for registering for a seminar
	$registrationLink = 

	// replace marker
	$parent->setMarker('list_registrations', $result . $unregistrationLink 
. $registrationLink);



And this is how It should look like (logged in as "Albert Maier):

Seminar	             Registrations  EMail       register/unregister link

30.11.2010, 10:00    Albert Maier   am at mail.de	unregister

30.11.2010, 11:00    Simon Schüler  sis at mail.de	
                      Albert Maier   am at mail.de  unregister

30.11.2010, 12:00                               register

Any hints would be helpful...


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