[TYPO3-seminars] No Payment Methode after FE event creation

Sascha Pelladoni sascha at pelladoni.ch
Tue Apr 27 11:19:01 CEST 2010

Dear All,


I have the following issue:

When I create an event in the frontend, it will not show any Payment
Methode, only the header is shown.

But in the backend no payment method is selected, although the mark was set
in the frontend.

After assign a method in the BE, it will be shown in the FE. But this is not
the solution for the owner.


Event creation from BE works fine.


Here the details off the installation:


- Software versions:

Seminar Manager           ver. 0.9.1

Typo3                                   ver. 4.3.0

PHP                                       ver. 5.2.6

MySQL                                 ver. 5.0.45


- Failure reproduction

Not possible


- Tried solutions

Event creation with review

Several Payment Methodes

FE Form recreated incl. TS Setup modifications (PID, UID)


I hope somebody could help me.





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