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Wed Nov 26 10:22:41 CET 2008

- [#2456] Feature: Add lazy loading for models
- [#2429] Feature: On the registration page, list the requirements for a
registration if they are not fulfilled
- [#2491] Feature: Add a class tx_seminars_mod2_BackEndModule
- [#2415] Feature: In the single view, add a part "Required for"
- [#2428] Feature: Add a function for checking whether a user fulfillls
all requirements for a registration
- [#2414] Feature: In the single view, add a part "Requirements"
- [#2393] Feature: Add a field "requirements" to topics
- [#2322] Feature: Create an autoloader for models and other classes
- [#2417] Feature: CreateFrontEndUser should automatically create a
group if needed
- [#2367] Feature: In the event FE single view, use a gender-dependent
- [#1772] Feature: Add constants for frequently used error messages
- [#2366] Feature: Add a field "gender" to the speaker records
- [#2373] Feature: Add a context-sensitive help text for the attached
files in the BE seminars editor
- [#2345] Feature: Display category icon in list view, fix
- [#2362] Feature: Display image uploaded with seminar in single view
- [#2346] Feature: Display the category icons in the detail view
- [#2361] Feature: Display images uploaded for seminar in list view
- [#2345] Feature: Display category icon in list view
- [#2331] Feature: In the list view, link the speaker names to their
home page (if they have any)
- [#2333] Feature: In the list view and single view, display a localized
text next to the 0 vacancies for fully booked events
- [#2344] Feature: Allow to attach an image to seminar records
- [#2332] Feature: Allow to attach an icon to category records
- [#2261] Feature: Show the owner data in the single view
- [#2262] Feature: Add a new view "event headline"
- [#2320] Feature: Link the teaser to the single view
- [#2263] Feature: Provide the seminar UID in the link to the login page
- [#2305] Feature: Create a frontEndView class for the seminar manager
- [#2116] Feature: Add a setting "favorites PID" in the setup and flexforms
- [#2290] Feature: Add a method createRegistrationBagBuilder() to
- [#2289] Feature: Add a method createSeminarBagBuilder() to tx_seminars_pi1
- [#2287] Feature: Add a method setOrderByEventColumn() to
- [#2247] Feature: Add a method limitToAttendee() to
- [#1950] Feature: Also show data from the registration records in the
FE registration lists
- [#2213] Feature: Move the registrations list to its own class (a view)
- [#1778] Feature: Provide an abstraction for session handling
- [#2232] Feature: Make tx_seminars_bag independent from
- [#2195] Feature: Move tx_seminars_pi1::searchWhere to the seminar bag
- [#1993] Feature: Implement the SPL iterator interface in the bag class
- [#1901] Feature: Use more SQL indices
- [#2229] Feature: Add 'is_dummy_record=1' to the constructor call of
the bags in their testcases
- [#2114] Feature: Add a new flavor "favorites list"
- [#2199] Feature: Add a method limitToVip() to
- [#2200] Feature: Add a method limitToDateAndSingleRecords() to
- [#2201] Feature: Add a method limitToOwner() to
- [#2204] Feature: Add a method setLimit() to tx_seminars_bagbuilder
- [#2198] Feature: Add a method limitToTopicRecords() to
- [#2196] Feature: Allow to set the orderBy via a method in
- [#2158] Feature: Allow to add additional tables in the bag builder via
a method
- [#1583] Feature: Add a registration bag builder
- [#2165] Feature: Show the accreditation number in the mod2 events list
and registrations list
- [#2178] Feature: Add methods hideSubpartsArray and unhideSubpartsArray
to tx_seminars_templatehelper
- [#1951] Feature: Allow the CSV export of registration data in the "my
VIP events" list
- [#1949] Feature: Allow VIP users to FE-edit their events
- [#2156] Add a Dutch manual, thanks to Nico Deblauwe
- [#1946] Feature: Allow deleting attached files in the FE event editor
- [#1945] Feature: Add a file upload to the FE event editor
- [#1073] Feature: Add flexforms checkboxes to filter which event types
should be displayed in the list view
- [#2113] Change: Move the filter for the event type to the seminar bag
- [#2105] Change: Remove the empty option from the top of the event type
selector widget
- [#803] Change: Remove the _doEvents() method from the registration
editor and the event editor
- [#2099] Feature: Provide the file type as CSS class in the list of
downloadable file in the detail view
- [#1943] Feature: Add a global TS Setup switch "skip collision check"
- [#1953] Feature: The file list should only be displayed for attendees
- [#1952] Feature: List the attached files in the detail view of an event
- [#1700] Feature: Add a tab "Access" for the BE event editor
- [#1995] Feature: Add configuration to pre-set the sites to show in the
list view
- [#1977] Feature: Add a field "page for the detail view" to single
event/event date records
- [#1822] Feature: Add configuration to pre-set the categories to show
in the list view
- [#1944] Feature: Add a file upload to the TCEforms of events in the
- [#1940] Feature: Allow using the referrer in the registration CSV
export and the e-mail to the organizers
- [#1939] Feature: Add a one-line text input field "referer" to the
registration records
- [#1931] Feature: Add SQL and TCA for the new prices
- [#1918] Feature: Add Switch to allow registration on events without a date

- [#2294] Change: Hide the partner integration and the new prices in the
0.7.x branch before the release
- [#2019] Change: Change the labels "Multiple event topic|date" in
- [#2350] Change: Move the "create new" button from the top to the
bottom of the timeslots IRRE field
- [#2425] Change: Rename "Save and close" button in the FE editor to
"Save and back"
- [#1653] Change: Add a "save + new" button for target groups in the BE
- [#2502] Change: Update copyrights to 2009
- [#1634] Change: Rename some table constants of m:n tables for consistency
- [#393] Change: Use getListViewConfValue* in pi1
- [#768] Change: Use real visibility keywords (public/protected/private)
- [#910] Change: Remove all university-specific stuff
- [#2409] Change: Hide the flavor "favorites" from the "what_to_display"
drop-down in the Seminars flexforms
- [#2377] Change: Sort the categories in the event list and detail view
by the sorting chosen in the BE
- [#2378] Change: Add a conflict with date2cal
- [#2376] Change: Fine-tune the display of the categories in the event
list view
- [#2387] Change: Require FORMidable 1.1.0
- [#2352] Change: Show text "booked out" instead of empty string in
registration column
- [#2330] Change: Make the begin date in time slots required
- [#2318] Change: Make some fields in the time slots excludefields
- [#1103] Change: Use real constructors instead of the old-style
- [#2309] Change: Move the selector widget to its own class (a view)
- [#2028] Change: Convert the category list from a table to a list
- [#2120] Change: Use tabs for indentation only at the beginning of lines
- [#2306] Change: Use the registrationBagBuilder in
- [#2208] Change: Use the seminar and registration bag builder in pi1
- [#2303] Change: Use the seminarbagbuilder in
- [#2300] Change: Change the parameter of
tx_seminars_seminarbagbuilder::limitToPlaces() to an array
- [#2301] Change: Change the parameter of
tx_seminars_seminarbagbuilder::limitToEventTypes() to an array
- [#2297] Change: Add a method getOrderByForListView() to tx_seminars_pi1
- [#2291] Change: tx_seminars_bagbuilder->setSourcePages() should set
the source pages for the main bag table
- [#2255] Change: Move hiding columns to separate methods in tx_seminars_pi1
- [#2230] Change: Remove the TSFE manipulation from test_testcase
- [#2253] Change: Rename tx_seminars_pi1CategoryList to
- [#1472] Change: Use the oelib configcheck and drop our own copy
- [#1476] Change: Drop seminars_templatehelper
- [#2182] Change: Move the countdown to its own class (a view)
- [#2243] Change: Move createRecursivePageList from templatehelper to db
- [#2241] Change: Use bag->isEmpty() instead of
bag->getObjectCountWithoutLimit() > 0 where possible
- [#1160] Change: In tx_seminars_bag load the object count without limit
- [#403] Change: Remove sql_num_rows whereever possible
- [#2203] Change: Move
tx_seminars_seminar::getAdditionalQueryForOtherDates() to
- [#2202] Change: Move
tx_seminars_seminar::getAdditionalQueryForNextDay() to
- [#1580] Change: Move the seminarbag::getAdditionalQuery* functions to
the seminarbagbuilder
- [#2181] Change: Move the category list to its own class (a view)
- [#2160] Change: Add methods for hiding and un-hiding columns in
- [#1137] Change: Change =& new to = new and remove the & from before
function names
- [#2146] Change: Move the setting/hiding of fields from
pi1::createSingleView to separate functions
- [#1036] Change: Use terms.htmlid instead of the verbatim HTML ID in
the HTML template
- [#2145] Change: Use an array and a foreach loop in createListHeader()
- [#837] Change: Update the Seminar Manager to FORMidable 1.1.0
- [#2113] Change: Move the filter for the event type to the seminar bag
- [#2105] Change: Remove the empty option from the top of the event type
selector widget
- [#803] Change: Remove the _doEvents() method from the registration
editor and the event editor
- [#2074] Change: Drop the default event type (workshop)
- [#964] Change: Remove the additional event information from the
registration page
- [#2093] Change: Allow creating fake front ends without adding a record
to the pages table
- [#1916] Change: Use the createFakeFrontEnd function from the testing
framework in the Seminar Manager
- [#2092] Change: Update the test record icon in seminars and oelib
- [#2067] Change: All fields from the FE user table should be usable in
the notification e-mail
- [#1894] Change: Only reset the auto_increment value if it is much
higher than the highest UID
- [#1948] Change: Change the term "VIP"
- [#1914] Change: Build all redirection links and links in e-mails using
- [#1099] Change: Use the new function names from the templatehelper
- [#1895] Change: getRecordProperty* should be public, not protected
- [#1903] Change: Use $this->setExpectedException() instead of
try-catch-block in Unit tests

Bug fixes:
- [#2520] Fix: Times are deleted when saving an event in the FE editor
- [#2519] Fix: Thank-you e-mail has a surplus colon for events without
an event type
- [#2517] Fix: The category icon in the list view should have no link border
- [#2508] Fix: Category column just shows "Array" on list view other
than "seminars_list"
- [#2487] Fix: Button "submit and stay" is no button
- [#2489] Fix: "Edit event" link missing in the "my managed events" list
- [#2490] Fix: Broken label "label_" in the FE registrations list
- [#2477] Fix: Icon for CSV export of event data missing from mod2
- [#2215] Fix: Problems with Page Browser
- [#2479] Fix: $this->internal['orderByList'] is set but never read in
- [#2475] Fix: Unused variable $registrationDeadline in
- [#2095] Fix: Unused variable $seats in
- [#2326] Fix: Test failures: testRenderCanContainLanguageOption and
- [#2327] Fix: FE Editor will not allow me to edit oder enter events
- [#1724] Fix: Entry date for time slots displays a date
- [#2354] Fix: getVacanciesOnRegistrationQueue returns wrong value for
registrationQueue greater than zero
- [#2319] Fix: Update the seminar's speaker and place fields less brutally
- [#2336] Fix: Text "\ No newline at end of file" in two files
- [#2329] Fix: Add a configcheck method check_tx_seminars_pi1 to remove
the PHP notice from registrations- and categorylist
- [#2328] Fix: Selector widget does not get displayed
- [#2257] Fix: Pagination in FE lists is broken
- [#2271] Fix: Crash in the "events by me" list
- [#1897] Fix: Double assignment in a code line
- [#2276] Fix: Remove some code warnings
- [#2250] Fix: Use bag::count instead of countWithoutLimit
- [#2248] Fix: Fix the order of __destruct and unset calls
- [#2123] Fix: Huge memory consumption through createFakeFrontend() in
- [#2205] Fix: tx_seminars_bagbuilder::setTestMode() does not work with
additional tables
- [#2155] Fix: Unit test failure:
- [#2151] Fix: tx_seminars_templatehelper::getSubpartForCallback has to
be protected in PHP 5.3
- [#2020] Fix: The "other dates for this topic" list shows also single
- [#2076] Fix: Date not linked in the "other dates for this topic" list
- [#2078] Fix: Require static_taxes
- [#1902] Fix: "Reset filter" doesn't work
- [#2032] Fix: Hide the "referrer" field from the registration UI until
it actually is used
- [#2003] Fix: Empty lines in the FE user data on the second
registration page
- [#2001] Fix: City of event site doesn't appear in the event single
view although it's entered in the BE
- [#2011] Fix: hideFieldsInNotificationMail doesn't work
- [#2018] Fix: Hidden single events still are visible in the list view
limited to a category
- [#1908] Fix: Registration for event not possible if umlauts in fe-user
"Name" field

The new version can be downloaded from the TER.

If you find any bugs, please report them at <>.

Have fun,

Oliver Klee

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