[TYPO3-project-seminars] onetimeaccount and date of birth

Rolf Thiele gegenalles at web.de
Wed Jul 30 18:14:28 CEST 2008

Hi Oliver,

actually, this extension is already installed. The sysfolder  
containing the users is configured to contain the plugin "website  
users". But no field for date of birth is shown in list view. I also  
tried deactivating "contains plugin", but that didn't help either.

Kind regards,

Am 09.07.2008 um 15:20 schrieb Oliver Klee:

> Hi Rolf,
> Rolf Thiele schrieb:
>> I set up my seminars extension to run with onetimeaccount 0.1.0.  
>> The onetimeaccount plugin on the login page is configured via  
>> flexforms. I activated the checkbox for date of birth (and some  
>> others). In the front end form, a field for date of birth is shown,  
>> but the data doesn't seem to get saved in the sysfolder containing  
>> the users. In fact, the records for the users (list modul in the  
>> be) contain quite a lot of fields, like number of semesters and so  
>> on, but no field for date of birth.
> The "date of birth" field for FE users is provided by the
> sr_feuser_register extension. So installing the extension (even if you
> don't need its FE plugin) should add that field for you.
> Oliver
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