[TYPO3-project-seminars] Get information of single date when viewing a topic

Frederik Fischbach freak.fred at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 16:59:50 CEST 2008

Hi there!

I've got several pages, each showing a single seminar.
The plugin correctly shows given information and the table, which 
contains the dates when the event takes place.

However, some information (like date & time, free seats, location etc.) 
is only shown when the visitor clicks the seminar in the "seminar_list" 
- which is logical as this information corresponds to a certain date.

The problem is: the table on the single event view only contains a link 
to the registration; the seminar label itself is not clickable, hence 
the visitor isn't able to gain important information.

I miss this feature very much - is it possible to configure that?


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