[TYPO3-project-seminars] Seminar Manager 0.6.1 performance problems

Tomas Balek tomas at cob-web.de
Mon Jul 21 12:30:48 CEST 2008

Hi Oliver,
> And if it actually _is_ the right tool for you and you just desire some 
> improvements, it's in your power to do something about it (help coding 
> some changes, or sponsoring some changes, or purchasing a support 
> contract to make sure that your "pet bugs" get fixed).
I put it this way:
We have chosen the Seminar Manager, because it fits our needs most of 
all seminar extensions available for Typo3.
I also put a lot of time and efforts to set it up.
So there is no need to change to another extension except for the 
As I wrote earlier, my client doesn't want to sponsor you on this, and I 
don't have the capacity and the time at the moment to help.
But I'll provide you with hints and information about the performance 
issue, as soon as I find out anything new.

> I usually travel by bike or by public transport. And if I had to buy a 
> car, I'd look for a car with little CO2 emission. :-)
Me too :-)
But I'd go for a ride with the Porsche, if I had the chance ;-)

Thanks & Greetings

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