[TYPO3-project-seminars] Build Title in DB with different fields form fe_users

brainage brainage at gmx.net
Mon Dec 15 14:24:16 CET 2008

Hello there,

we use the following fields form fe-users: username / password for login 
and company, first_name and last_name for user informations.
So there is the field name unused. But this field is used by tx_seminars 
  to build the title in the table tx_seminars_attendances.

This means we need the field last_name or company to build the title.

In the same table there is a correct filled field "user" with the user 
id but all other field like name, address, zip, etc. are empty. So there 
is no possibility to identify attendances in the backend (usernames aber 
just codes like 2347AB)

Is there any possibility to handle this by TS ?

I found the place where the title is build.

class.tx_seminars_registration  Line about 244 - 256


	 * Creates our title and writes it to $this->title.
	 * The title is constructed like this:
	 *   Name of Attendee / Title of Seminar seminardate
	 * @access	private
	function createTitle() {
		$this->recordData['title'] = $this->getUserName()
			.' / '.$this->seminar->getTitle()
			.', '.$this->seminar->getDate('-');


I think it would be enough to change it here.. but how ?
But a TS Solution would we update proof .. right ?

Thank you.


seminars 0.6.2
Typo3 4.17

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