[TYPO3-project-seminars] Strftime question + suggestion

Nico Deblauwe nico at deblauwe.be
Wed Dec 26 22:08:59 CET 2007

Dear all,

I've just discovered the fantastic "dataFormat" functions, which I have now
configured as

	dateFormatYMD = %a %d.%m.%Y
	dateFormatMD = %a %d.%m
	dateFormatD = %a %d

However, somehow PHP doesn't manage to detect the right (well, according to
the site settings) languague, which makes me end up with "Sa" instead of
"Za". The seminars extension itself switches correctly to Dutch (or Flemish,
as we like to call it in Belgium). 

My question: is this a Seminars problem or a TYPO3 problem?. If it is the
first, could running the function "setlocale"
(http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.setlocale.php) somewhere before you
generate the output in the extension fix this bug?

Could you include a link to http://php.net/manual/en/function.strftime.php
in your manual, whereever you mention strftime - I guess this could help
many beginning users.

Cordial regards,


PS. For those of you wondering: Seminars is working fine with a 30MB PHP
memory regime.

 Nico Deblauwe

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