[TYPO3-project-seminars] no list of attendences in BE

Tomas Balek tomas at cob-web.de
Tue Dec 4 20:08:40 CET 2007

Hi Mario,
> You could clean up by writing it like this
> plugin.tx_seminars {
>   attendancesPID = 130
>   otherConfig = foo
>   language = bar
> }
I know - I'm a little bit messy ;)
> One other hint to test it out: Go to the page in the BE were your
> tx_seminars list view is located. Now open the TypoScript Object Browser
> (TSOB) within the Template Module. Check whether the configuration for
> plugin.tx_seminars.attendancesPID is equal to 130.
It is.
> Then make sure that your TypoScript applies to the page that contains
> the registration plugin.
Seems ok
>> I configured the rest over the flexforms.
> Is there a wront page selected?
> And where are all the attendance records stored? Default (without any
> misleading config) will be PID 0 - the root page.
I found out, that they are stored in the SysFolder with the PID = 120
I don't know why yet.
This works fine for me so far , but I'd still like to know, why the PID 
130 doesn't work.
I'll let you know, as soon as I find out.

Thanks for you help anyway.


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