[TYPO3-project-seminars] Error message in Front-End

Oliver Klee typo3-german-01 at oliverklee.de
Fri Aug 25 12:44:00 CEST 2006


Hahnefeld Bjoern schrieb:
> Jetzt stellt sich noch die Frage, wo ich am einfachsten die mitgelieferten Templates ändern und auch die bestehenden Stylesheets verwenden kann. 

The provided HTML templates should automatically be used. The provided
CSS should also automatically be included unless you've disabled
automatic HTML headers in your TS setup.

There are two templates: One for the e-mail stuff and one for the
front-end plug-in. If you want to change one of them, make a copy of
that template, modify it and let plugin.tx_seminars.templateFile (for
the e-mail template) or plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.templateFile (for the
front-end plug-in template) point to your file. You can also use
flexforms for the latter.

Regarding CSS, you have two options:

a) recommended: use the provided CSS and (via your TS setup) add another
stylesheet that overrides some of the CSS rules

b) not recommended: copy the provided stylesheet, modify the copy and
let plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.cssFile point to your copy (also changeable
via flexforms)

Please note that by default only those CSS classes are provided that
have an actual CSS rule associated with it. You can add more classes
with the plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.class_* TS setup variables.

Please don't change the HTML template or the CSS file (or any other
file) within the extension folder. Those changes would get overwritten
when you update the extension to a new version.



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