[TYPO3-extbase-kickstarter] bidirectional m:n relation

Rens Admiraal renst3 at rensnel.nl
Fri Jan 21 07:22:00 CET 2011

Hi Christian,

To be sure I tested it in a clean 4.5b4 install, and it works by me. Are 
you sure you set the storagePid the right way? I can imagine you set it 
by using plugin.tx_asd, which should be changed to module.tx_asd:

module.tx_asd.persistence.storagePid = 1

Hope this helps :-)


Op 20-01-11 18:09, Christian Kartnig schreef:
> Hi Rens!
> Thanks for the answer. I had a look at your extension, but I don't get
> what it does. I can see from ext_tables.sql and TCA that there is an
> Object "test" that has an mm-relation to itself, but i cant get any
> output from the "Bidirectional Relations" module, even if I set the
> storagePid to a page where I created several of these Test-Items.
> best regards,
> Christian
> Am 20.01.2011 16:59, schrieb Rens Admiraal:
>> Hi Christian,
>> Yes, this is planned for the future
>> (http://forge.typo3.org/issues/12184). Not sure when it will be in
>> though.
>> If you want to use it now you can use the example draft extension
>> attached to this issue.
>> Greetz,
>> Rens
>> Op 20-01-11 15:52, Christian Kartnig schreef:
>>> Hi!
>>> I just wondered if bidirectional m:n relations are supported by the
>>> kickstarter. I tried to achieve this, but it didn't work out. I also
>>> tried with two m:n wires, from each side of the relation. That gives me
>>> two mm-tables in ext_tables and not the desired TCA.
>>> Is there any point I am missing? Is this feature planned for future
>>> releases?
>>> I think a checkbox "bidirectional" would be very comfortable.
>>> best regards,
>>> Christian

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