[TYPO3-english] Re: Upgrade 4.5=>6.2 Extension Manager fails

Tony Lush tlush at advancewm.com
Thu Jan 21 16:23:30 CET 2016

Thank you, Philipp, the TYPO#SOURCES  were downloaded tarballs.


> did you try to delete all contents from typo3temp?

Yes, those were deleted

> Any hints in the browser console?

After performing an action in the Extension Manager, the console said:
GET http://www.XXX.com/typo3temp/stylesheet_dfef64b223.css?1453217003 404 (Not Found) 

Other temp files were written

The source for the empty frame shows an empty FE website page, not at all like the source for a BE page/frame  

> Any hints in the server log file?

The server log file shows only 200, 304, and 303 status codes
Nothing in the site error log.

Thank you  - Tony
Tony Lush

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