[TYPO3-english] Upgrade 4.5=>6.2 Extension Manager fails

Marcus Schwemer marcus at schwemer.de
Wed Jan 20 22:01:56 CET 2016


did you try to delete all contents from typo3temp?

Any hints in the browser console?

Any hints in the server log file?

Kind regards
Am 18.01.16 um 18:06 schrieb Tony Lush:
> Following the upgrade process for 4.5 to 6.2 LTS, we are able to get as
> far as going through the Upgrade Wizard. All extensions are cleared out
> of the typo3conf/ext/ directory, and mention of them removed from
> LocalConfiguration.php and PackageStates.php seems to be OK.
> In the install tool Development mode is set.
> When we go to the Extension manager, *any* action fails and gives an
> empty right frame.
> No errors displayed by TYPO3, though error reporting is on.
> No PHP errors
> After this, the right screen stays empty for all modules except Web|Page
> (Web|List, Systtem|Log, etc. fail.)
> This behavior persists until I clear domain cookies (which are the
> correct domain) and log back in.
> After logging in again I can edit content and templates, and view the
> Log, until I go back to Extension Manager.
> Has anyone a suggestion?
> Kind regards -- Tony

Marcus Schwemer
marcus at typo3worx.eu

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