[TYPO3-english] Re: Re: Re: Extension ods_domaincheck ... OT

Damien l_geno_l at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 15 07:34:35 CET 2016

Thank you ^^
I'm using Typo3 6.1.7 and PHP 5.3.10. I know the extension is pretty old, but there aren't many at all. I found 4: rlmp_domaincheck is in beta since publication in 2003, fe_whois is already removed and net4all_whois was last updatet in 2006 (even so I tried this one, same result). So this one is the latest of them all^^
I searched via Google etc to find another extension, but this kind doesn't seem to be very popular. I found an slightly outdatet PHP-script I'm trying to rewrite while searching to get the function working on the website. Problem here, I don't know typoscript that much (didn't ebven know TYPO3 until september last year^^) and PHP even less, so it's a bit of work for me at the moment. But I enjoy learning new stuff, so I keep going and if I can get it work and there's still no solution for the extension problem I have, I'll post it here als an alternative, so the next one having the same problem may solve it easier than me^^

Greetz Damien

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