[TYPO3-english] Cannot access backend from Install Tool

Bernd Wilke t3n at pi-phi.de
Fri Jan 8 12:32:57 CET 2016

Am 08.01.2016 um 09:15 schrieb Irene P:
> Quote: Bernd Wilke[1][2] wrote on Fri, 08 January 2016 08:50
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>> Am 08.01.2016 um 03:15 schrieb Irene P:
>> > OK, so I figured out the problem was the path. Fixed that and now I can
>> > access the backend. However, I ran into even more problems:
>> >
>> > (1) The backend logs itself out regularly. When I try to reload the URL
>> > it just shows a plain file directory, not the backend. I tried
>> > navigating to the typo3_src-6.2.17\typo3\backend.php but it does
>> > nothing. So I have to navigate to
>> > typo3_src-6.2.17\typo3\sysext\install\Start\install.php to load the
>> > install tool again, and create ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL file. Only then I
>> can
>> > log on to the Install Tool, where I find the link to the Backend.
>> How do
>> > I fix this?
>> the backend normaly should start if you call domain.tld/typo3
>> no 'backend.php' or 'index.php'
>> depending on your apache config this might not work as it requires to
>> load 'index.php' (or 'index.html') for default if only a path is given.
>> don't try to call the php-files as local prorgams. use the web server.
> I did use the web server. I took a screen cap of how it looks like in my
> browser. Here's how it looks like:
> (I still can't figure out how to turn on HTML code in this forum, so
> can't insert the image here. See attachment typo3_site.jpg

there is no possibility to turn on something which does not exists.

you need to know the history:
first this was a newsgroup, then the newsgroup (NG) was synchronized 
with a mailinglist (ML), years later there was a forum attached (which 
was feature reduced to match the restrictions of newsgroup and mailinglist)

hence the proposal: store screenshots anywhere and post a link (because 
of spammers you are only allowed to post links after your third posting, 
but we humans can write syntactically wrong links, which everyone can 
otherwise most people (like me ;-) ) see just a bunch of characters like 
seen beyond.

and for HTML: if you enter HTML in the forum that might be escaped, but 
others answering from NG or ML may insert pure HTML which is not escaped 
in the forum and you will see nothing.
at least formatting and indention ist lost.
so: you may use a gist.

>> >
>> > (3) In the Backend, when I try to get or update extensions, I get the
>> > message "Update Extension List: Could not access remote resource (add
>> > http)repositories.typo3.org/mirrors.xml.gz." Retrieving (add
>> > http)repositories.typo3.org/mirrors.xml.gz from the command line works
>> > fine. So I tried all the steps highlighted in (add
>> > http)forge.typo3.org/issues/47135 but it still won't let me update the
>> > extension list. The steps were: install and enable cURL, disable
>> > sqlDebug, set allow_url_fopen = On. What am I missing?
>> are those php-packages installed?
>> are they installed/accassable for the user, which is running apache?
>> is this user allowed to reach the internet?
> Sorry, which php packages? Yes I installed cURL with the same user, and
> yes Internet access is available.

php consist also of a core and additional packages (like extensions).
what packages are available you can see in the INSTAL TOOL in the info 
section where a complete php_info is available:
System environment, go to the bottom and expand the 'PHP info'-block.

as speaking of the Install-Tool:
have you checked all avallaible test for ok?


> ----------------------------------------------------
> Thanks so much! And apologies in advance for more stupid questions I
> will undoubtedly be asking in the future.
> begin 644 typo3_site.jpg
> M_]C_X``02D9)1@`!``$`8`!@``#__@`?3$5!1"!496-H;F]L;V=I97, at 26YC
> M+B!6,2XP,0#_VP"$``4%!0@%"`P'!PP,"0D)#`T,#`P,#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-
> M#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T-#0T!!0@("@<*#`<'#`T,
[2300 lines deleted]
> M`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%
> M`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`
> E4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`!0`4`%`'_V0``
> `
> end

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