[TYPO3-english] Re: Help with upload of photos to typo3 based website

Zoe Castle zoe at visualproductions.nl
Thu Jan 7 09:46:08 CET 2016

Hi Bernd
Thank you for your reply.

- I always make sure the photos were small web-appropriate size files so I can tick that off the possibilities!
- "Reaching the limit of my disk quota" might there be a limit on how much we can store via the website?  I never thought of that as a possible issue - if that is the case then time for a new company website I think! 
- I know that "flash" has had a new version fairly recently but those kind of upgrades don't usually effect how I use Safari - although saying that some websites do tell me to upgrade Safari to support latest flash versions etc....
- I never have an error message: I press "browse" and select the photo then by pressing save it is meant to "upload" and store the photo but it just leaves the section blank and seems to forget that I did select a photo.

I guess I need to get my boss to look at my laptop for this or someone to sort it locally.  We are planning a new website once we have filled the position of an in house graphics colleague so I guess I might just have to wait....

Thank you very much for helping - I will try to just get on with the other parts of my job in selling stuff :-)
Have a good day, gr. Zoe

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