[TYPO3-english] pcsimiletimeline: has anyone experience with this EXT?

Stephan Bernhard grac at freemailer.ch
Mon Mar 30 11:20:32 CEST 2015

@ bernd

thanks so much for your reply.

On 30.03.2015 09:53, bernd wilke wrote:
>> some date entry are just not accepted, f.e. 1.1.1900 for "Band" and for
>> an "Entry". if a date is not accepted, it just fills in the current date.
>> or there is an error message when trying to save the entry.
> this may be the problem as TYPO3 stores dates as unixtime which as
> signed long integer has a range from ?.?.1903 to ?.?.2038
> there are big discussions about date formats outside this range.

so this is a TYPO3 problem and not of the EXT.
seems to me extremly history un-aware...

>> and changing the date view from US form to the european form seems not
>> to be possible.
> hm. can't say anything to this. I used my german date as title.
> I used it as a picture index and the time the picture was taken as
> timestamp and title.
> but on the long time the pictures were not manageble with the extension:
> too much work, too much complexity in the display, too less variability
> in displaying enlarged pictures

so you tried something similar as i did.
i think the localisation of the EXT is just not properly and fully 

> as this is just an TYPO3-interface for an external JS-library: you may
> create your own extension for records to provide your data for the
> JS-library you may include by yourself. This way you can control
> everything you are interested in (and where the JS-lib provides a
> configuration)

i tried to change the JS-library, but i didn't succeed.
so there just remains the two options: use it or not.

i don't know of any other timeline EXT for TYPO3.


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