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Mon Mar 9 14:31:50 CET 2015

Dear Reader,

After the success of the past two TYPO3Camps (2013,2014) in Venlo, Netherlands we are now organising the event for the third time. TYPO3camp Venlo will take place on Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18, 2015. The TYPO3camp takes place during the day on Fontys International Campus Venlo.

For this event we aim to attract international participants with interesting topics from different backgrounds in the TYPO3 world. Visitors will most definitely be from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, including students from Fontys International Campus Venlo, where the event will take place. The official language will be English due to the international angle of this TYPO3camp.

We have carefully listened to the people who attended the TYPO3camp Venlo in previous years and we are aiming for more participants, especially Dutch and Belgian. To achieve the goal of more participants we decided to organize the TYPO3Camp Venlo on Friday and Saturday. We hope this will enable more companies to send their employees to the TYPO3camp and thus create a broader basis for the Dutch community and of course the TYPO3 community at large. Prior to the event there will be a cozy informal pre-party in the center of Venlo.
For TYPO3 companies

Share this message with associates, customers, freelancers and employees. It is in everyone's interest that TYPO3 and the knowledge we have gained will be shared in the spirit of the TYPO3 community.

"Inspiring People to Share"

Community Day (17 April)

The first day, Friday, April 17, we are looking to have a predetermined program on the basis of a number of tracks including: end users - editors, integrators, design - frontend, development, Neos, system admins and others. This way we aim to gather interesting topics and speakers for our program on this first day. A program that will be interesting to everyone. The second day remains equally interesting, but in barcamp style.

We want as many people as possible to feel included in the TYPO3 community, whether you're running a company that implements TYPO3, you're freelancer, a customer / end user or interested in TYPO3 in any other way. With events like this TYPO3camp we like to bring everyone together to share knowledge on TYPO3 and just talk loosely about TYPO3. 

Of course the most interesting things happen in the corridors and during the social event on Thursday or on Friday. 

Contribute to the Community Day

This day does not necessarily have to be about the international TYPO3 community only, but can also have a more national character, Belgian, Dutch, or even regional. Through workshops, discussions or questions rounds we will see how we can improve the community and your understanding of the community.

Do you have a hard time understanding documentation or organizational structure, perhaps someone can help you. 
You have this pressing question, long-term wish, or you have ideas that you would like to share?
This is YOUR moment. Let us know how you want to participate.

As organization, we want everyone to contribute to the realization of this day. Therefore we call on everyone to submit ideas for this day. These may be a simple question, idea, presentation or perhaps you want to lead a discussion session on a particular topic. 

Tell us via https://notes.typo3.org/p/typo3campvenlo_community_day_ideas, info (at) typo3campvenlo.nl  or via Twitter - @TYPO3campVenlo. 
We will gladly receive your input until March 20. After that date we will compile the program for the community day.

TYPO3camp (Saturday, April 18)

A TYPO3camp is essentially a barcamp, an open event with open workshops. Participants determine topics in the morning and ​​jointly plan the sessions for this day. 

A TYPO3camp offers an easily accessible and relaxed way to get together, the ability to learn new things, meet specialists and participate in the TYPO3 community.

Not only the TYPO3 products will be a topic, but everything related to TYPO3 be it PHP, web servers, databases, frontend development, use cases, community. You name it.

We know from previous TYPO3camps that attendees have very different experiences with TYPO3. One part is very experienced and has been active in the project for some time as TYPO3 developer. Others are curious about TYPO3 and have minimal experience with it. 
Sharing all this information and experiences makes TYPO3camps what they are.
More about a TYPO3camp on http://www.typo3campvenlo.nl/en/typo3camp/


Early Bird (until April 5, 2015) / Regular (as of April 6, 2015)
Preparty Thursday / Friday + social event / Saturday
€ 40 / € 60

Friday + social event / Saturday
€ 40 / € 60

Friday all day (+ social event )
€ 30 / € 50

Friday or Saturday only sessions and lunch
€ 20 / € 40
Prices are excluiding 21% VAT

Get your tickets on https://typo3campvenlo.paydro.net/


Of course we are looking for sponsors. Each (small) contribution is welcome. See http://www.typo3campvenlo.nl/sponsors/ for more information.


Hotels can be found in the town of Venlo. The hotels are within walking distance of railway station / Cafe Central. Fontys University is 20-30 minutes walk.

For TYPO3camp Venlo we managed special rates for the Stadspoorts hotels Wilhelmina and Pure. Prices and information can be found at http://www.typo3campvenlo.nl/hotels/

See you at TYPO3camp Venlo 2015!

The organization

Ben van 't Ende
Edward Lenssen
Jacco van der Post
Maarten Mandemaker
Patrick Broens

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