[TYPO3-english] Error message in EM when retrieving update of extension list

André Spindler typo3 at andre-spindler.de
Fri Mar 6 15:39:04 CET 2015

Hello list,

I still have some 4.5 installations of TYPO3 running.
PHP is version 5.3.

When updating the list of extensions, I get the error message:
Error in regular expression matching, code: PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR
See http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-last-error.php

In php.ini there exists the setting "pcre.backtrack_limit" default value 
is 100000. But even when i set this to 10000000 (x100) this doesn't work.
TYPO3 version is 4.5.40, but I don't know when this feature occured the 
first time, but I had this in one installtion already in 4.5.39 or 4.5.38.

Maybe someone could help me.


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