[TYPO3-english] Small but annoying problem in multilingual site

Loek Hilgersom loek at netcoop.nl
Wed Mar 4 23:14:28 CET 2015

Hi Nico,

Just a little checklist:

1. Did you add a condition with settings for the extra language similar to this?

[globalVar = GP:L = 2]
config {
     sys_language_uid                    = 2
     language                            = de
     locale_all                          = de_DE.UTF-8
     htmlTag_setParams                   = lang="de" dir="ltr" class="no-js"

2. Do you have a
config.linkVars = L(0-1) or similar which could block your new L value?

3. Did you create a website language record in the root page?


On 04-03-15 22:31, Nico Deblauwe wrote:
> Hi guys, girls,
> I have built a site on top of the introduction package TS. There were
> already two languages included (I made them EN and FR) in this
> configuration, I've added a third one (NL). But somewhere I must have
> forgotten something small but important as it is not working as it should
> for NL.
> Three observations to determine the problem:
>     - Upon access, the site is in English
>        - Page served is e.g. http://my.site.net/home,
>        - with a correct menu in English (e.g. link
>        http://my.site.net/history/)
>     - When I switch the language to French
>        - Page served becomes http://my.site.net/1/acceuil/ --> correct
>        - Menu is adapted correctly to french settings (e.g. link
>        http://my.site.net/1/historique/)
>     - When I switch the language to Dutch
>        - Page served becomes http://my.site.net/2/home/ --> correct
>        - Menu is NOT adapted correctly: it says "Historiek" (which is
>        correct), but the link behind it stays http://my.site.net/history/
>        (which is the english link, and not the my.site.net/2/historiek/ that
>        one would expect)
> I've been checking most of the settings in TypoScript, but seem to keep
> overlooking the cause. Is there anyone who can point me towards the
> solution?
> Thanks!
> Nico
> PS. Additional info, not that I think it matters: It is aTYPO3 6.04
> installation, and yes I will update to 6.2.10 as soon as the development is
> ready :-)

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