[TYPO3-english] Small but annoying problem in multilingual site

Nico Deblauwe nico at bluepundit.eu
Wed Mar 4 22:31:31 CET 2015

Hi guys, girls,

I have built a site on top of the introduction package TS. There were
already two languages included (I made them EN and FR) in this
configuration, I've added a third one (NL). But somewhere I must have
forgotten something small but important as it is not working as it should
for NL.

Three observations to determine the problem:

   - Upon access, the site is in English
      - Page served is e.g. http://my.site.net/home,
      - with a correct menu in English (e.g. link
   - When I switch the language to French
      - Page served becomes http://my.site.net/1/acceuil/ --> correct
      - Menu is adapted correctly to french settings (e.g. link
   - When I switch the language to Dutch
      - Page served becomes http://my.site.net/2/home/ --> correct
      - Menu is NOT adapted correctly: it says "Historiek" (which is
      correct), but the link behind it stays http://my.site.net/history/
      (which is the english link, and not the my.site.net/2/historiek/ that
      one would expect)

I've been checking most of the settings in TypoScript, but seem to keep
overlooking the cause. Is there anyone who can point me towards the



PS. Additional info, not that I think it matters: It is aTYPO3 6.04
installation, and yes I will update to 6.2.10 as soon as the development is
ready :-)

 *Nico Deblauwe*
 E-mail: nico at bluePundit.eu *|* Tel: +32 486 84 08 93

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