[TYPO3-english] Re: linkvalidator: faulty link not recognised

Dennis Hoffland d.o.hoffland at tele2.nl
Sun Mar 1 16:18:00 CET 2015


I just followed the instructions in the video on Youtube:

I created a new Text content element, typed Broken Link and defined it as an external-link-new-window with the Insert link button in the RTE.

The HTML output is:

	<!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:225/text [begin] -->
		<div id="c225" class="csc-default">
		<!--  Text: [begin] -->
			<p class="bodytext"><a href="http://www.norealwebsite.nl/" title="Opens external link in new window" target="_blank" class="external-link-new-window">Broken link</a></p>
		<!--  Text: [end] -->
	<!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:225/text [end] -->

@ Jigal

I assume your comment is meant for Philipp? The information is a bit too technical for me ...

Kind regards,


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