[TYPO3-english] Text visible in FE but not in BE

Anders Kongsted typo3 at kongsted.dk
Tue Jul 14 08:08:37 CEST 2015


I'm in a middle of a test, for moving my TYPO3-installation from a 
CentOS 6 to an Ubuntu 14 (because of the lack of newer versions of PHP).

I'm having a "funny" issue, where I can see the text in the FE, but not 
in BE. The problem is only where local letters is present (letters: æ ø 

Charset is my first thought, but I don't get why I then can see the text 
in FE (I have cleared the cache, and tried to use &no_cache=1).

My TYPO3-installation in the middle of an upgrade, so the current 
version is 4.5.40.

Any suggestions what could cause the problem, and how to 
troubleshoot/solve the problem?


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