[TYPO3-english] Text visible in FE but not in BE

Nils Hodyas post at dietantejensen.de
Fri Jul 17 14:04:39 CEST 2015


I'd back up the DB (have you checked if the texts are there?) and try 
updating all the way through. THis might be one of those things that 
appear and disappear during the process.

Or maybe, if you just have set up TYPO3 on the new system, you'd have to 
go through all the encoding/decoding parameters, which amittedly is not 
the nice part of the job :-(

Kærige hilsen,


Am 14.07.2015 um 08:08 schrieb Anders Kongsted:
> Hi,
> I'm in a middle of a test, for moving my TYPO3-installation from a 
> CentOS 6 to an Ubuntu 14 (because of the lack of newer versions of PHP).
> I'm having a "funny" issue, where I can see the text in the FE, but 
> not in BE. The problem is only where local letters is present 
> (letters: æ ø å).
> Charset is my first thought, but I don't get why I then can see the 
> text in FE (I have cleared the cache, and tried to use &no_cache=1).
> My TYPO3-installation in the middle of an upgrade, so the current 
> version is 4.5.40.
> Any suggestions what could cause the problem, and how to 
> troubleshoot/solve the problem?
> Cheers
> Anders
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