[TYPO3-english] Typo 6.2.9 - System environment/Folder Structure

Markus Klein klein.t3 at reelworx.at
Mon Jan 12 23:25:49 CET 2015

Well, if they don't run your page in a chroot'ed environment, they're correct.

Still this very much reminds me of our beloved Telekom Austria.
They advertise to support TYPO3 and even provide an automatic installer, but this will give you TYPO3 4.4.
This happened in 2014, 4 years after 4.4 has been released and 2 years after the last update.

And guess what, 6.x was of course not supported by that server and the admin on the phone confirmed "we have no newer server".
That says it all.
Result: Declared contract of customer with Telekom void by law and switched to a real hoster.

Kind regards

Markus Klein
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> Just got a reply from my hosting provider.
> They consider the php functions required by TYPO3 as potentially harmful
> and won't activate them on a shared server. In other words: I would have to
> move to a dedicated server (with matching costs) to be able to get the right
> php settings ...
> Kind regards,
> Dennis
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