[TYPO3-english] Mark an extension as unmaintained

Kevin Renskers info at mixedcase.nl
Sun Jan 11 01:44:00 CET 2015


For many years I've maintained and support the dmmjobcontrol extension but since I haven't used PHP or TYPO3 in over 6 years, it's a huge problem to keep supporting this extension. I've tried to find someone to take over, but have not succeeded. As such, I have officially "orphaned" dmmjobcontrol, no bugfixes or new released will be made available by me.

While it was easy enough for me to close the issue tracker on GitHub and change the README there, I am not sure what to do about the status of the extension here on the TER. What can I do to make this extension unavailable or clearly marked as unsupported? I'm afraid that it involves changing a file in the extension and uploading a new version to the TER? Since I don't have a working TYPO3 installation anymore that's not possible for me..

Any clues as to what I could do?

Thank you and kind regards,
Kevin Renskers

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