[TYPO3-english] Extbase handler for Ajax calls in BE and FE

Jan Kornblum jan.kornblum at gmx.de
Mon Nov 25 11:52:08 CET 2013

Hi Xavier,

> The Extension Manager is doing that. Example links are generated as
> standard "<a href" links in the template, then are processed by jquery
> (main.js):


> So this is a full example on AJAX call to Extbase in Backend, not using
> ExtJS (which is not so beloved anymore) but jQuery.

Great, thanks for your explanations. The only thing i do not understand 
is the following:

The EM example links all call "typo3/mod.php" with params to the module 
and controller and action. This is clear to me. But there is no use of 
AjaxID (typo3/ajax.php), as explained in Francois link and used by me 
in this way until now.

is there a best practise? Or, what just came into my mind: It seems to 
me that AjaxID for BE is something similar like eID for FE. And using 
Ajax calls to "typo3/mod.php" in BE could be compared to using Ajax 
calls to an own pageType in FE. Could this be right?

Kind regards, Jan

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