[TYPO3-english] Extbase handler for Ajax calls in BE and FE

Jan Kornblum jan.kornblum at gmx.de
Mon Nov 25 11:01:11 CET 2013

Hi François,

>> But in BE, how can i call an Extbase action here when using AjaxID /
>> ajax.php? There is a good documentation about using Ajax in BE in
>> general [2], but it contains no hints regarding Extbase.
> Beware old links: 
> http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/CoreApiReference/JavaScript/Ajax/Index.html
> ;-)
>> I've also read about ExtDirect [3], but i have no idea at all if this
>> should be used in this context?
> ExtDirect is better documented here:
> http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/CoreApiReference/JavaScript/UsingExtjs/ExtDirect/Index.html
> The advantage of ExtDirect is that you can directly map JS methods to PHP 
> methods. But ExtJS is rather a pain to work with.
> Also ExtDirect is supposed to work in the FE, but I never managed to make it 
> work, and the knowledge seems lost to the community.

Thanks for the updated links and your explanations regarding ExtDirect.

But still no news regarding extbase in BE :( If anybody has already 
used extbase together with ajax in BE, please let me know ;)

Kind regards, Jan

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