[TYPO3-english] how to eliminate in RTEhtml the attribure alt="undefined" in accessibility link icons?

Stephan Bernhard grac at gmx.ch
Wed Nov 13 12:28:55 CET 2013

hi list

sorry for crossposting this thread, but t.p.rte seems to be totally 

here my problem with accessibility icons and RTEhtmlarea (TYPO3 version 
4.5.28, rtehtmlarea version 2.1.7):

after having emptied the entry
     RTE.classesAnchor.externalLink.altText =

RTEhtmlarea generates the unwanted attribute

     <img alt="undefined" ...>

generally speaking here my respective pageTS configuration:

RTE.classesAnchor.internalLinkInNewWindow {
     class = internal-link-new-window
     type = page
     image = fileadmin/.../img/icons/internal_link_new_window.gif
     altText =
     titleText =

and here is a resulting test-link:

    <a class="internal-link-new-window" target="_self" href="...">
       <img src="fileadmin/.../img/icons/internal_link_new_window.gif" 
alt="undefined"> ... </a>

additionally there is another problem with this annoying error:

when working with feeditadvanced and inserting/updating a link in a 
content element the generated link shows

	"undefined" ahead of a link text

instead of inserting the accessibility icon.

after updating the same link in the BE everything is ok, the 
accessibility icon is set (besides that RTEhtmlarea keeps the attribute 
alt="undefined" in the img tag).

so, where is the crucial error?
in RTEhtmlarea?
in feeditadvanced?

thanks for any hint and help.


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