[TYPO3-english] Show usergroup and fe_user info

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Tue Nov 12 12:37:52 CET 2013

Am 12.11.13 12:03, schrieb Miguel:
> Hi Bernd,
> Yes i have, both lines (30 and 40) show exactly what is inside those
> fields in the database.
> Being more specific, if is a user that belongs to a expiring group, the
> "30" lines show that amount of numbers that are inside the database, for
> example "expiring groups: [ 3|1384252200|1384943400* ] ". If the user
> does not have an expiring usergroup, it shows empty, like this "expiring
> groups: [ ] ".
> In what concerns to the "40" lines, they show the ID of the normal
> usergroup where the user belongs, for example "normal groups: [1]".
> I guess that both 30 and 40 lines are working, the problem is still with
> the condition.

the condition is no condition.
.ifEmpty means: if the wrapped content is empty then use this value.
Only if no record from fe_groups is rendered the content of field 
tx_itypoexpiringfegroups_groups  is shown

so all records should have output for 20 ????

the correct condition should be:
20.if.isFalse.data = TSFE:fe_user|user|tx_itypoexpiringfegroups_groups

but something about the rendering of the fe_group names is wrong, as it 
never(?) shows anything.

is the SQL correct?
are the fe_groups realy in page 26?


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