[TYPO3-english] Image processing from typo3temp/ folder

PIT Solutions typo3 at pitsolutions.com
Thu Nov 7 12:44:30 CET 2013

Hi List,

I've a custom extension which is used to display images in frontend.
In backend I've an image browse field in the TCA and the images are saved to a database field named "images".
In my code, for rendering images in frontend, I wrote a query to fetch images from db and append the path to it.
Suppose "test.jpg" is my image and "fileadmin/templates/images/" is the path.
Now I got the image src as "fileadmin/templates/images/test.jpg" and I've added it to my image tag.

Now the image tag looks like this;

<img src="/fileadmin/templates/images/test.jpg" alt="" width="100px" height="100px" />

But my problem is, I need to load images from typo3temp folder. 

When using <f:img> in fluid template, its rendered from typo3temp folder. But when I use <img> tag its not from there.

This is a pibase extension and we can't use <f:img>. 

So is there any php function to process the images from typo3temp folder?
Please help.

With Regards,
Arun Chandran
Software Engineer
PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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