[TYPO3-english] Show usergroup and fe_user info

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Thu Nov 21 13:16:41 CET 2013

Am 21.11.13 12:43, schrieb Miguel:
> Well thank you so much for all your help Bernd, if weren't for you, i
> wouldn't have come this far, so i cannot thank you enough for what you
> have done.
> Unfortunelly, in Portugal we don't have that kind of experts, so all i
> can do is to find an alternative solution to this subject. I can code
> some PHP code, so we'll see if i can work some thing out.
> If i can solve this, i'll post it here.
> Kind regards to everyone, and specially for you Bernd, you're the man :) !

as we use the web you do not need to have someone in portugal, but 
someone to whom you give access to your system somewhere in the world.

Or you find someone who will build up a configuration like yours on his 

good luck


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