[TYPO3-english] formhandler on every page

jaco graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Tue Nov 5 10:49:33 CET 2013

explanation of dot after the instance in typoscript - please note: from 
another more advanced source:


When TYPO3 converts TypoScript to an Array, every setting, which has further 
options set, has a dot at the end.

lib.something = TEXT
lib.something.value = asdf

will be converted to:

[lib.] => array(
  [something] => TEXT
  [something.] => array(
    [value] => asdf


for now this is solved - I can include formhandler via fluid in multiple 

but I still cannot include any tt_content element

I might not need it for this particular site

so it is not that important -

If someone stumbles on this and has a suggestion I will try it and hopefully 
understand what is wrong with my approach



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