[TYPO3-english] Crawler refuses with "Unable to determine path to entry script"

Joris Willems joris.willems at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 22:59:10 CET 2013


I am using typo3 6.1.5 and I am trying to use the crawler to index the

I have created a Crawler Configuration on the pageroot and checked
Under "Processing instruction parameters" I added &L=[0-3] (I actually have
4 languages in this site).
I also have a valid baseurl. I tried enabling "Append cHash".

When I queue some pages though the Web > Info > Site Crawler module and I
process them I see this error in the crawler log:

Error: Unable to determine path to entry script......

I tracked the error down to these lines in CMS\Core\Core >

        if (!is_file(PATH_thisScript)) {
            die('Unable to determine path to entry script.');

I added constant('PATH_thisScript') to the die message and it showed up
empty (adding a string works so I know it's certainly this line).

I tried migrating the site to another server to make sure that this was not
some kind of configuration freak.
I ran the site on debian6/apache2/php5.3.3 and ubuntu13.10/nginx
1.4.1/fpm-php5.5.3 and both the same result so it must be somewhere in my
configuration or the code.

I tried debugging by crawling single pages in the backend with xdebug but I
never got to the line where it dies. It appears as if the request
initiating the error is not captured by xdebug, even when I construct urls
I copy from the backend and add the xdebug parameter. I also tried the cli
interface of the crawler with debugging.

Is there anything else I should check or better file a bug?


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