[TYPO3-english] Calendar for upcoming events - order of events on frontend

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Sun Nov 3 21:18:50 CET 2013

Am 03.11.2013 20:21, schrieb xiaoji zhang:
> Hi Peter,
> Thank you for taking time to help.
> Here is the screen shot for the page with plugin, where the upcoming 
> event appear. I open the page, as shown below on the first link.  I 
> then click on General as shown on the second link, I click on plug in, 
> there is a question mark upcoming event. I cannot find anywhere I can 
> make the changes as you explained
> http://imgur.com/GOm4UCX     Page with plugin
> http://imgur.com/g3zb5sr        General http://imgur.com/oaUXWM3    
> Plugin-  upcoming event
> Thank you for your help,
> Kind regards,
> Xiaoji

Hi Xiaoji,

the changes you want to make are to be found in the template view (left 
column, entry template). You will be shown a number of pages (maybe just 
one) where you can find typoscript templates. From the screenshots, I am 
sure that the configuration of cal has to be made in the root template. 
As I said: info/modify -> setup.




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