[TYPO3-english] Page tree lost - need your help and advice

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Sat Nov 2 23:37:22 CET 2013

Am 02.11.2013 23:27, schrieb Steffen Gebert:
> Hi Peter,
> no, that's, of course, not really related to the "No TypoScript 
> template found" error message. But we won't be able to explain 
> anything to him without the page tree.
> Still, I find it pretty hard explain to him how to use the Template 
> module. That's why I asked what happens when he opens the fronted 
> (although I expect the error to happen for every request)
> Kind regards
> Steffen 

Ok right - I think much more has been going on. It's a complex system, 
and an update (or upgrade) by someone not really experienced can go 
wrong in a dozen ways. Even better that the community is there to help. 
You are one of the great examples there. Thanks!

Have a great evening



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